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Q. What paints and supplies do you use?

A.  I have links to a few daily supplies I use under the tab 'Art Tools'

Q. I want to own an original, how do I purchase one if there are none available in your shop?

A.  Subscribe to my email list to be one of the first people notified about a new painting that is       available. I release paintings when they're available.

Q.  Do you teach any classes?

A.  Not currently, but that is something I would like to do in the future.

Q.  Will you illustrate my book?

A.   My Fine Art is not created for illustrations. I create fine art as a means to create what is in         my soul and not to be directed in.   I am however a children's illustrator on the side and          that work is created digitally only and in a children's style very different from my fine art.

      Visit that work at


      I do not illustrated for individuals, I only take illustration jobs through companies                     or publishers.

Q.  Can I exchange or return prints or artwork?

A.   Click here to check out my Shipping & Returns policy- thanks

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