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A showcase of mini paintings

This past half of the year I've been staying busy creating a lot of tiny paintings that have been a source of joy.

It's not uncommon for a lot of artists to get excited about creating a new painting but once they hit the middle they dread having to finish it.

I thought it might be a good idea to make some small artworks that would definitely allow me to finish it all the way to the end without getting bored!

I can feel free to play with color schemes and compositions without screwing it up too much. And let's face it... tiny things are just really cute.

I love to paint the Savior and the ocean so this has become the subject of my mini's of late.

It's also been exciting to see your response to these paintings. I really love it when I can create a piece that resonates with you and that you'll welcome into your space.

If you have never collected an original painting before, I believe starting small is the best way to go!

Tiny art can fit in almost any space and it isn't a large financial investment.

I think you'll find how lovely and vibrant the colors are in an original painting vs. a print, and the added texture makes it all the more yummy.

Leaving on a mental note for aspiring artists,I've concluded that painting small can:

- Help you complete a finished painting

- Not feel pressured with details

- If you mess up there's no guilt in throwing it away

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