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A breath between pain and peace

Creating this sculpture was like creating a mirror reflection of my time suffering with autoimmune + debilitating chronic migraines.

There is a moment when suffering becomes so unbearable and you are overwhelmed with the need to be relieved.

Then that moment finally comes when relief edges in.

The pain starts to melt.

The waters of bitterness turn into hope and deliverance.

There is a moment of release that turns into the calm and serenity of peace.

It’s a gift of mercy, like a sunrise shining light on a dark abyss.

Her patina reveals an ombre affect of light entering from the top of her head spreading down as the darkness fades into the base of the sculpture.

No words can describe the respite.

Her panged expression is that moment just before a breath of peace.

The original sculpture next to the bronze version

After the molding process the original clay doesn't survive.


Available for purchase HERE

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