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Creating a peaceful home and including Art

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I made a goal after moving into my new place that I was going to complete my home and make it a serene and calm place to live in.

You know how there are "those" areas of the house that really only get completed or fixed up once you're moving and passing it onto someone else?

Why don't we make our spaces enjoyable to live in now?

That has been my goal the last couple of years...

I've slowly added items to our space to finally make it finished and complete. That also includes what art I fit in my space.

Oddly enough starting in the fall/ 2019 I started getting this "get my house in order" (which can have more then one meaning, but for all intents and purposes this post is about creating a home of peace to live in, one that will bring calmness during the storm) I had no idea what was stirring these urges.....

The feeling persisted more and more and I decided to get the last few things that I had been putting off buying and then BAM the pandemic hits. Luckily I had just completed my bedroom. It's the place I spend the most time during down days when I'm suffering from an autoimmune flare.

I have found that during this time of quarantine my home has become a place of peace and happiness. Staying inside doesn't bother me so much because it's a serene place to be in.

Beauty can inspire and bring peace to the home and I feel like my home isn't complete without art.

I collect pieces that I truly love and want to invite into my space.

I try to visualize my space out ahead of time. I make a mental note of the things I love and I have my Pinterest boards full of my favorite rooms.

Instead of making up my own interior design space, I glean off of the photos I love that someone else has already done all the dirty work of figuring out and I try to add that "flare" to my own room.

There are pieces of art I have collected from other artists and have hung them in spaces I walk by on a regular basis.

I'll catch myself stopping to admire them and realize it shakes up happy feelings inside. This is what we need more in our homes: "Constant reminders of beauty and happiness".

I hope you're home is a place you can connect with and feel peace within during this time.

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