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Certain Women Exhibition

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Certain Women Art Show featuring artwork from 90 women artists at Anthony's Antiques & Fine Art runs until Nov 9th in downtown SLC.

My painting titled "Fleeing Darkness" is based off the theme "life purpose statement".

I wanted this to be a painting that could be hung in a home that didn't feel imposing with darkness but rather gave an airy feel even though it portrays the dark.

This piece has a lot of meaning for me. Although it fit the theme of the show, I had already made intentions of creating this piece a while before the show came about.

When the idea came to me, I could see a woman running from the dark. I felt like it had multiple representations.

What was she running from?

It could be spiritual darkness, it could be clouds of depression.

It could be running from darkness of the world- worldly natures etc...

It could be running from sin.

It could be running from fear.

From pain.

From anything with a negative connotation. However I don't want this to be interpreted by my view of it, but rather from the audience. I want them to interpret what it means to them. Is there something they're trying to flee from?

I had this painting come to me while battling with my health and I found that all I wanted was to just be as close to God as possible. I was scared and he was the only one I could find comfort in. I felt like I needed to eliminate anything that could dampen the light and made a conscious decision to flee from anything that did not bring light into my life.

This painting is 47"x66" in size making it the largest painting I've ever created.

Below is the KSL TV news feature about the exhibition.

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