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She Became the Wave

I remember standing on the cliffside south of Depoe bay Oregon. The breeze was rushing through my hair. The sound of the waves felt soothing to my soul.

I had only been on the cliff one previous time when I was ill struggling deep in autoimmune issues and living in an RV traveling along the coastlines with my husband and small children.

I said to myself that someday I would come back to this exact spot and paint that ocean view high up on the cliff.

Now I was back, still in the rv but this time not living in it.

I stood near the edge, almost wanting to push the boundaries of how close I could get without having any incident of falling off and I whipped out my paints and began to lay out the scene before me.

It was beautiful! Nothing could compare to the sights and sounds of the Oregon coast! I began to be immersed in the sounds of the water crashing against the rocky front below. There were sea lions chasing each other from time to time and I became intently focused on each brush stroke as my eyes darted back and forth between my panel and the oceanfront.

I laid down colors of white, turquoise and tried to capture the color of the rocks on the cliffside... it was easy to lean towards making it too orange, but I could tell as I studied my canvas scene that there was so much more blue reflecting in those rocks.

As time went about I felt the feeling of "flow". I felt so much gratitude for the moment I was in. I felt gratitude for the amazing gorgeous earth before me and the opportunity God laid out a path for me to be here again painting these seas. I felt like I could begin to cry.

It was a spiritual moment and one I'll never forget in my lifetime.

I felt connected with the Earth. I felt the Earth's spirit in turn connected to God and then I felt it all come together... Me, the Earth and God..... ONE.

I never had felt such a beautiful euphoric sense of oneness.

I said under my breath, "Thank you Lord, I will never forget this moment".

As I worked on this sculpture, I didn't think much about the execution of it. I started to put the clay together and carve out pieces. I wanted to express the feeling I felt up there. The "oneness" and connection I felt.

This Original Sculpture piece is available here.

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