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Painting prayers

During the craziness of the last 2 years I'll admit, I have been more stressed and restless and not taking the time to be at peace and let God just "take the wheel" kind of thing.

That usually means I have a harder time hearing him because my mind is a raceway of "busy-ness".

Amazingly he finds the right moments to try and reach through when we're not paying attention. This new series came to me in one of those shower moments unexpectedly when my mind wasn't spilling out thoughts every second.

I saw an image of Christ in my mind and he was under an arch. Coming up out of him there were bright beautiful colors arrayed so pleasantly and sparkling with light within them. I knew instantly that these colors represented revelations or prayers. It was like seeing a 2 in 1 meaning. They could either be coming to him from an individual praying or they were going from him to that individual. It was beautiful and a perfect representation of the energy being sent to and fro.

I thought about how church has been cut off from some people around the world, ways of worshipping, those who can't or don't attend church physically.... I thought about the ocean, which is the place I feel incredibly close to God and yet I can't be there. And somehow seeing this image made me happy to know that no matter where I am at I can have communication with God and no one can take that away, no matter what circumstance I am in or where I am at. That communication is always there, and it really is beautiful and magical. My hope in creating these pieces is to share that reminder of communication with him.

The motions of each color represent the communication between you and God.

The colors play an important role in relaying the feeling of each piece. Each color itself can symbolize different emotions or feeling. For example: Blue might represent peace or calm... reds or oranges may give off a more energetic feel.

The frames represent the place that is holy or sacred where you feel that close connection to God and him being in that space. It may be in your prayer closet, it may be in a church, or near the ocean or in a beautiful pasture you walk by often.

The arches in each piece are symbolic as well. Arches can represent holiness, strength, openness, support and sacredness.

- Jen

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